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Second Hand in Hamburg Germany

Visiting the following sites you show an individual attitude for a very special taste to get dressed.....

If you like traditional & classic clothing: tailor - made, best fabrics and quality (color & style) of wonderful, well-known companies (brands) and last, but not least, each for a sensational price?     If you know what it is....

...as you can see on the photos, this style has nothing to do with so called "old fashion", fuddy - duddy style.

Believe me, permanent changing trends of men´s fashion is ridiculous - well, that´s my point of view and I think, one has a good or a bad taste...   that´s what it is, just simple.

The store extists since 1999 - equipped with a big assortment of wonderful stuff.

Since 1972 Iam running nearly the same kind of business, different concepts and stores, but with this store I wanted to start something unique making sense to me.

I think I´ve made it and it runs the way I wanted to...

Clients are coming from all over Europe, for example Austria, Switzeland, Italy, and big cities in Germany - by booking special offers they come by train or plane: on one hand they find extraordinary things and on the other they save money in all respects.

If you want to learn more about this "culture" I recommend to read the following books:

See you...

Rudolf Beaufays

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Second Hand & Vintage

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